The howling wind on the border of Rhode Island and Massachusetts last night was screeching out a warning.

"Stay away," warned the wind to Rhode Islanders. "You can't be here right now."

Governor Charlie Baker has recognized the surging COVID-19 numbers in Rhode Island, and in an attempt to keep those cases away, has placed regulations on people who travel to and from the Ocean State.

Of course, we immediately began teasing Maddie this morning about how she is no longer welcome in Massachusetts, labeling her as an "interloper." In reality, workers who commute across the state line are granted an exemption, but that exemption definitely has its limits.

Apparently, if we are reading the travel order correctly, Rhode Islanders are allowed to commute into Massachusetts as long as they go to the same location each day. This would limit out-of-state workers who are on the road making house calls or visiting different businesses.

All kidding aside, it also seems that Maddie would not be allowed to join us if we all went out somewhere for lunch. She wouldn't be able to swing through the drive-thru for a coffee or stop at Marshalls on the way home. She'd be allowed to come here to Fun 107, then immediately return to her home in Rhode Island. That's it.

Following the letter of the "law," she'd even be limited once she crossed back into Rhode Island. As it is written, she'd have to go directly home before leaving and doing any errands. Failure to follow these rules could result in a $500 fine per day.

People who regularly commute, at least weekly, outside of Massachusetts to a fixed place to attend school or work or any person who regularly commutes, at least weekly into Massachusetts to a fixed place to attend school or work; provided that in either case, this exception applies only to and from the person’s residence and place of work or school.  Workers or students who travel to any place that is not their home state for personal or leisure reasons cannot rely on this exemption.

It was Maddie who had the last laugh, though. Gazelle and I are now the only ones who can pick up the daily Dunkin' coffees.

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