Many people are getting pets during the pandemic but one Massachusetts family thought taking home a wild bird to care for was a good idea.

Lots of us have been trying to venture out and one Massachusetts family decided to go on a vacation in Westerly, Rhode Island. This family decided to take home a protected piping plover chick.

Yes, it is illegal to take these adorable creatures home; as a matter of fact, doing so could cost you a fine of up to $25,000. Especially when it comes to these pipers, which are on the endangered species list.

The family did eventually bring the plover to a rehabilitation center to receive specialized care. Unfortunately, this story doesn't have a happy ending.

It's always been the motto I live by, but seriously, live and let live. It's human nature to be curious and want to help the vulnerable, but to cross state lines and bring this adorable bird home was definitely not in the best interest of this bird.

While I want to assume this family had the best of intentions for this bird I just can't fathom what they thought the outcome of taking this baby chick far away from its mother and its natural habitat.

If you found this adorable chick on the beach by itself, what would you have done?

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