If Massachusetts drivers are known for one thing, it is their unwavering commitment to following the rules of the road at all times.

Yeah, OK, we didn’t believe it, either.

Unfortunately, many Massachusetts drivers instead make up their own rules of the road, but we found one rule that actually sounds like it’s something “Masshole” drivers made up on their own – yet it’s actually on the books.

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Most drivers know that you can make a right turn at a red light, unless there is a “NO TURN ON RED” sign posted at the intersection. Of course, you have to first give the right-of-way to pedestrians and other vehicles that are traveling straight through that intersection.

It’s a rule of the road that Bay State drivers hopefully follow, although we have definitely seen numerous instances of people turning right on red in defiance of the sign, but we digress. A right turn on red is legal in some, if not most, instances.

But did you know that you can actually turn left on red at some intersections in Massachusetts?

It’s true, but it’s only for one very particular circumstance.

“You may turn left on red only if you are turning from a one-way street onto another
one-way street,” the Massachusetts Driver’s Manual reads. “The same rules that apply to right turns apply to left turns.”

When you think about it, it makes total sense. You obviously can’t turn right at the light, if the direction of the street is heading toward your left. Who knew, though, that a left turn on red was legal?

Now, we can’t think of any particular intersections on the SouthCoast where this occurs, but maybe you have some idea? We’d like to get out there and hit those intersections, just for the sheer novelty of turning left on red.

Give it a try yourself, too. Just remember to turn off your "blinkah" after making the turn.

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