It's already illegal to text and drive in Massachusetts and now it could also be illegal to text and cross the street.

Lawmakers are considering a new texting while jaywalking ban that would be punishable with a fine. And Attleboro residents told ABC6 that it's about time.

Some drivers say people are just walking into the streets, eyes on their phones, not paying attention to traffic...and those people would be penalized under the proposed law.

There has been a rise in pedestrian and cyclist fatalities outside of the crosswalk across the state (and the nation) and distracted behavior is thought to be the cause of it.

The bill proposes a $50 fine for the first offense, $100 for the second, and $200 for a third jaywalking offense. It also includes the use of ear buds and hand held devices other than cell phones.

Over the summer Honolulu, Hawaii became the first city to outlaw texting-while-walking...could Attleboro, MA be next?

Some feel this new law takes the responsibility off the driver and gives government too much control. What do you think? Would you want more cities to ban this kind of behavior?

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