West End Creamery in Whitinsville could be the fun, fall road trip your family needs this season.

Go for the delicious ice cream, but stay for the five-acre Gronk themed corn maze.

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Seriously this place sounds amazing.

The corn maze themed for former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowksi was what made me check out this farm that is about an hour's drive from New Bedford. But the ice cream, mini golf and Barnyard Jump made me want to plan my trip right away.

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The massive cornmaze takes travelers through a several acres tall image of Gronk spiking a football. There's also the words "Thanks Gronk" and "Go Pats" to meander through before finding your way back out to the farm.

And they do Flashlight maze nights every Friday for those brave enough to venture into the corn in the dark.

Careful though, the farm is right next to Swans Pond. Wander out of the maze and you could find yourself all wet.

I would definitely be going during daylight hours with my little ones. And knowing this car ride ends with a farm bounce house, corn maze and ice cream is bound to make everyone happy.

West End Creamery Facebook

I might be the only one in my family geeking about the Gronk theme to the maze, but I probably won't be the only one traveling to West End Creamery just to go through it.

I just wonder if Gronk himself will show up when the maze officially opens on September 21.