It seems like a scene from a movie, but in reality, it's the result of a disgruntled Bostonian who was simply fed up with the lemons that life was handing out.

Over in Allston, Massachusetts, just around the corner from Fenway Park, a local resident had just finished shoveling out their vehicle from the mess that fell endlessly from the Blizzard of 2022, just like most people in New England. What happened next can only be described as going overboard.

Not too long after the spot was dredged out and cleared off, someone else decided to take advantage of the open availability and snag the plowed-out spot. This clearly didn't go over well with the person who put the effort in, so in a relentless attempt to get back at this person, a good old-fashioned "egging" commenced – and it was not pretty.

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A local neighbor witnessed the outrage and captured the photo that's been making its rounds across social media platforms.

"I walked out to shovel my driveway and just watched as a random person pummeled it with three dozen eggs," Danny Ludwiszewski said. "Then the guy walked away with a traffic cone which I think was saving the spot."

Unfortunately for this Allston resident, you may own the property that you reside in, but that street that sits in front of your overpriced residence is public property. It's the cold, hard truth (pun intended), but perhaps this will prevent any future law enforcement involvement.

Lastly, in case you're ill-informed, eggs can strip the paint. It might have been a hassle to dig out your spot, but the lawyer and court fees are not worth it.

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