Tropical point
Ronald Manera

TripAdvisor has released their list of the best beaches in the US and a Massachusetts sunny spot has cracked the Top 25.

Most of the TripAdvisor best beaches are in Hawaii and Florida, but if travel is not in your summer plans you can still find a great spot to sun yourself.

A little staycation right here in Massachusetts can get you to one of the travel sites best just have to drive a bit.

According to the site, Race Point Beach in Provincetown is the 16th best beach in the entire country.

Though the site doesn't give too much detail on their criteria for a "best beach," they do say Race Point is

One of our favorite stops in Provincetown

They also note that the best time of year to go is between June and August, which I think most New Englanders already know!

See the rest of the list here...

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