When it’s time to celebrate a bride during her bachelorette party, there is no holding back. Between the sashes, plastic tiaras, party decorations, and a big night (or two) out on the town, throwing down money for the bride to be is standard. The bill can add up quickly, and one bridal party that I spotted on Martha’s Vineyard came up with a genius way to save some cash.

Michael, Gazelle, and I spent the day in Vineyard Haven, and as we parked our car, I noticed the car next to us had something written on the back of it. On the back windshield written in car paint, a Venmo handle was displayed in big block letters.

“A drink for the bride!” was written to the side of it. This may be the cleverest tactic I have ever seen.

Not only could this potentially save the bridesmaids some money, but it’s also a unique way to show love to their engaged friend. Bachelorette parties tend to play out the same way for most people, so if there is a chance to break the mold of a typical bachelorette party, do it.

I couldn’t track down the bachelorette party, but I found the crew on Venmo, and I was happy to see that several people have donated to the bachelorette fund. Tequila shots, karaoke performances, and more tequila shots were happily donated.

I really enjoy the creativity of these bridesmaids. I may have to put a little birdie in the ears of my bridesmaids for my upcoming bachelorette. I will happily accept any and all donations to go towards unlimited amounts of prosecco.

The next time you find yourself in the midst of a bachelorette party, remember this fun and unique idea so you can focus more on the priceless moments instead of price tags.

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