Looks like Market Basket is branching out and breaking ground in the Ocean State. The company has announced that it will have a new location in my neck of the woods, Warwick, Rhode Island. Will it be as successful in Little Rhody as it is for the SouthCoast?

On Wednesday, Market Basket made the announcement that it will be building its new store on Bald Hill Road, with construction to begin immediately. The goal is to open the doors by 2021, as well as open another location in Johnston, RI. I am sure it won't be long before Market Basket continues its expansion into Rhode Island, but it has some stiff competition with Dave's Marketplace and Stop & Shop.

More or less, I can't wait to give it a try. Gazelle and Michael speak very highly of their local store.

"I like how they have ready-made meals that they can serve you. They have chicken, potatoes, you name it. And their prices are significantly less," Michael said.

"Their sushi is severely underrated," Gazelle said.

In my opinion, Market Basket will have some serious competition going up against Dave's Marketplace, a Rhode Island staple for many years. Delicious prepared foods and competitive prices? I am curious to see if loyal customers will venture away from Dave's to test the waters at Market Basket.

I believe in trying everything once, but Dave's homemade General Tsao's Chicken is going to be hard to beat! Keep an eye out for the construction of the latest business to join the Ocean State.

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