Over the marshland and through the woods to the Marion shoreline you’ll go.

And don’t worry if you have some challenges with mobility, because this new Sippican Land Trust trail is made up of 1,200 feet worth of wooden boardwalk that takes away the fear of navigating natural terrain.

After seeing the ongoing updates about the construction at the Osprey Marsh Accessible Boardwalk trail in Marion, I finally had the chance to explore it myself.

While I wasn’t doing the trail with anyone who had a stroller, wheelchair, or other mobility issues, I made an effort to ask a friend what I should be looking for when a place calls itself “wheelchair accessible."

I checked to see if there was a ramp leading up to the trail so someone could push a wheelchair from the parking lot to the trail. Check.

Kristen Pacheco/Townsquare Media

I made mental notes of any place that didn’t have paved or boardwalk paths. Stone dust pathways: check.

I took notice of all the bump-outs along the boardwalk that would allow people to turn around, rest, or to let parties coming from the opposite direction pass by if needed – some with benches, some without.

Kristen Pacheco/Townsquare Media

And if you’ve had the chance to explore the dozens of trails in our area, you would have noticed that this boardwalk was wider than most – three feet or so if I had to guess, with railings up in any place that went over water.

Kristen Pacheco/Townsquare Media

While there are two parts of the trail (both at the head) that are made up of packed stone dust, they had tire tracks in them, which means someone earlier that day had found their way through the path without an issue.

This is a truly accessible boardwalk path and to the knowledge of the Sippican Land Trust, is the first of its kind in our area. It is a third of a mile long and truly allows for anyone to get out into the woods without fear of mud, uneven landscapes, or anything else that would hinder someone with mobility constraints from enjoying the great outdoors.

And regardless of how you get there, the platform at the end of the trail overlooking Planting Island Cove is well worth the trip.

Kristen Pacheco/ Townsquare Media

The plans for the Osprey Marsh Accessible Boardwalk were designed around making this pathway fully accessible for people with limited mobility and wheelchair users. … The overall cost for the project will be under $400,000. The Sippican Lands Trust is still seeking support for this project and has a Buy-a-Board Campaign to buy a plaque with an inscription that can be placed along the boardwalk.

- Sippican Land Trust Executive Director Jim Bride

The official opening of this trail isn't until May 2020 but with warm days sprinkled in here and there, this is a great way to get outside even in the winter.

I hope that these photos are the "know before you go" images you needed before deciding if this accessible trail is what you're looking for.

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