Folks are calling it "history in the baking" in Marion as a staple pizza joint is now serving up gourmet pizza by the slice.

Santoros Pizza & More434 Wareham Road, has been Marion's go-to pizza place for 20 years. For the very first time, the business is leveling up its game for anyone looking for slices.

"We started making the pizza (by the slice) about two weeks ago," Petro Jorjakis said. "We wanted to have a New York-style pizza for once so we started selling slices."

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Jorjakis recently took over the business from the Sivvianaki family who had been running the establishment for over 20 years. It's been a staple to the area where Mel, his wife Emilia, and their children created thousands of pizzas and other delicious foods. Growing up Greek, the family knew how to make a pizza before they were taught to ride a bicycle which was the case for Mel's kids Artemis, Michael, and Labbi. Petro Jorjakis is looking forward to building upon the solid foundation that Mel has built serving this town for more than two decades.

For years, Santoros Pizza only made Greek-style pan pizza, but now adds Italian flair to their pizza by the slice. Not only can hungry customers get basic cheese or pepperoni, but Santoro's also makes gourmet slices such as meat lovers, buffalo chicken, and chicken broccoli alfredo.

The restaurant is charging

  • $3.50 for a slice of cheese
  • $4.50 for a slice of gourmet
  • or 50 cents per topping.
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Santoros Pizza plans on rolling out gluten-free pizza shortly but is taking one step at a time in the planning process. Wings are always fresh and never frozen, the dough is made daily from scratch, and if you have room for dessert, you have to try his zeppole.

When I asked what his message was for the SouthCoast, Jorjakis replied: "Come on down and get some slices, I'll take good care of you."

Why get the entire pizza if you're only craving a slice or two?

That's what I call cutting carbs.

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