Some eyebrows were raised in Marion this week when the Cumberland Farms on Route 6 was displaying some pretty outrageous gas prices.  The prices displayed on the sign weren't outrageous in a bad way, however.  In fact, they were very, very good.

If you were driving by Cumberland Farms on Wednesday you might have done a double take if you looked at the large sign.  The price for regular unleaded gas was displayed as .79 cents a gallon.

If you waited long enough, the prices got even better.  As the gas prices flipped, an even lower price of .69 cents a gallon for regular unleaded was displayed for Smart Pay Members only.  SmartPay is the rewards app that Cumberland Farms uses, along with some other similar type stores across the country.

Needless to say, the signage in front of the Marion Cumberland Farms was glitching, and the prices at the pump weren't actually distributing gasoline at that extraordinarily low price.

Care to take a guess about when the last time the cost of regular unleaded was priced at .69 cents a gallon?  You'd have to turn back the clock 45 years to the year 1978.  The number one song on the radio was Night Fever by the Bee Gees.



This isn't the first time a Cumberland Farms on the SouthCoast got some attention for the displayed price of their gas.  Back in June of 2021, the new Cumberland Farms on Brayton Ave in Fall River was displaying regular unleaded $9.08 a gallon.  The store was putting the finishing touches on their new construction.  Luckily, gas prices were lowered to normal levels before they officially opened.

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