Mrs. Flanders!!

FUN 107, along with Bank 5 and Domino's Pizza are pleased to recognize Mrs. Flanders as 'Teacher of the Month'.  Mrs. Flanders teaches at the Austin Intermediate School in Lakeville, MA.

She was nominated as 'Teacher of the Month' by one of her students, Hannah Correia. Here's what Hannah had to say about her teacher and why she should be Teacher of the Month:

"My teacher is awesome for many reasons. We watch very fun but yet educational movies/videos in class, to help understand our different topics in school. She teaches many things but we learn in a very fun way. She lets us incorporate art in our assignments, she reads us funny yet knowledgeable story's when we have time. She doesn't give us much homework because she teaches us so much in class with hands on activities. In class we act out our lessons in plays and she helps us prepare for the MCAS by motivating having faith in us and helping us build our confidence for this HUGE test. She thinks of my class as her own children because she is always looking out for us. She gives us fun writing prompts so it makes it fun to share our feelings for writing, and lastly, she listens to FUN 107!"

TSM/Chris Arsenault

Congratulations Mrs. Flanders!