It may be the season of all things pumpkin, but at Wright's Dairy Farm and Bakery in North Smithfield, Rhode Island, it is maple season – and they are serving the milk to prove it.

It sounds completely unappetizing to me, but a local favorite among milk drinkers is the seasonal maple milk offered at Wright's. Made from their farm fresh milk and maple syrup sugared at Chepachet Farms in Gloucester, this milk is as local as it gets. But is it really that good?

Chocolate milk, strawberry milk and of course coffee milk I totally get, but maple milk? Are those two great things that really go great together? Turns out, yes. Facebook fans of Wright's were going nuts with the announcement of this seasonal drink's return earlier this week. Many were planning immediate road trips out to North Smithfield to grab some, while others offered some very tasty recipe options with the super sweet milk.

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Mary Cote Buetow suggested making maple ice cream with it, while Debbie Dwoske piqued my interest by writing "So good to use with the egg when you make french toast!! Everyone should try it." Yes, Debbie, that does sound amazing.

Not everyone was convinced however, with Randy Eaton saying he "was sick thinking about it" and Nancy Williams questioning the sugar content.

Whether you are brave enough to try it yourself or just know someone who would absolutely love this stuff, you'd better make your plans to get to Wright's Farm and grab it soon. Maple milk will only be available through the end of October and then, like pumpkin flavoring, it will disappear until next year.

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