On Highland Avenue in Fall River, there sits a historic mansion built in 1928 by Nathan Durfee that sold for an impressive $1 million last year. According to a recent agenda posted by the Zoning Board of Appeals, this 8,000-square-foot mansion may soon be available on Airbnb as the owner plans to share his massive estate with guests looking for a unique getaway.

The ZBA says the mansion's owner, Austin Feng, is “seeking a variance to operate an Airbnb short-term rental property with 7 bedrooms in a Single Family Zoning District.”

Planning Department, City of Fall River
Planning Department, City of Fall River

While direct booking is currently unavailable, it appears several guests have already had the royal treatment while staying at The Mansion at the Highlands.

With an impressive five stars, previous guests gush over the elegance and uniqueness of the stay.

“The Highland Mansion is spectacular,” said an Airbnb user named Jessica. “You and your guests are a privileged group to experience a step back in time, the lifestyle of F. Scott Fitzgerald novels.”

This unique Airbnb experience offers a glimpse into how the other half lives for a fraction of the price.

The host beams about the oak plank floors, iron gating and the “fairy tale-etched stained glass” throughout the home.

With seven bedrooms, a game room and a three-car garage, this mansion will have you saying goodbye to that mediocre hotel down the block and saying hello to luxury.

The zoning board is set to address Feng’s variance on Thursday, Jan. 19, but until then, keep scrolling to take a peek inside.

Live Like Royalty and Rent This Fall River Villa As Your Next Airbnb

Austin Feng, the homeowner of 503 Highland Ave. in Fall River, is seeking a variance to operate his historic mansion as an Airbnb short-term rental property. If all goes well, The Mansion at the Highlands will become a hot commodity for guests looking for an upscale stay during their travels. Let's take a look inside.

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