Mandy Moore brings back some really good memories of my internship days here at Fun 107, so this announcement of her coming to the area is giving us flashbacks.

Scrolling through Facebook, suddenly I saw a post on the Newport Folk Festival page announcing that Mandy Moore is coming on July 24.

Aside from being on the wildly successful NBC drama series "This Is Us" and the movie "A Walk To Remember," Moore graced Fun 107 with her presence in the early 2000s while promoting her music. She gained fame with "Candy," a hit single from her album "So Real" in 1999.

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Plenty has happened with Moore since then, but boy, I can recall learning the cheesy dance moves and singing along. She came through around the same time Jessica Simpson and Nich Lachey decided to drop by the Fun 107 studios. You know, when they had a reality show called "Newlyweds."

Gosh, the memories are flooding back. So I'll take a walk down memory lane and definitely get some tickets to this show. My only question: I only know one or two Mandy Moore songs, so how long is she planning on playing?

The length of show, I guess, won't matter since proceeds are actually being donated to Riot Rhode Island for a Youth  Rock Summer Camp that helps transgender girls and non-binary youth learn how to play instruments, write songs, join bands and perform.

Did Mandy Moore memories start flooding back for you, too? Now I'm going to go get some Kleenex and binge-watch the last season of "This Is Us."

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