So I’m casually driving to work, singing along to the radio as one does, when utter chaos ensued!

I notice a cruiser parked in my lane, just around the area of Exit 7 on Route 140 south, and traffic starting to back up.

A large African American gentleman comes running out from behind the police cruiser. A pretty basic looking cop is in hot pursuit.

The African American gentleman (who apparently isn’t a gentleman) turns and throws a haymaker at the officer.

Officer Mayweather, as he is now known, ducks the right hook with the quickness. He is clearly not as basic as his looks suggest.

As I sit in awe of Officer Mayweather’s elusiveness (and struggle to open the camera on my phone), I don’t notice the African American non-gentleman throwing another punch.

Mayweather, quick as a cricket, evades the second punch as well! He quickly retreats out of my view.

One incredibly tense second passes and our hero re-emerges. He’s now standing like Detective Stabler ready to pounce on a pervert.

I notice a bright yellow gun in his had.

It was in this moment that I realized this was no regular Friday.

I can’t hear what is said but I assume it’s, “Get on the ground, criminal man!” Something along those lines.

Before I know it, that African American gentleman, who was anything but gentlemanly, is shaking and falls to the ground.

Cruisers come flying in from many directions. Better late than never, I suppose.

A man in a suit comes in and cuffs the least gentlemanly African American gentleman I’ve ever seen.

Soon thereafter, Officer Mayweather is named the winner of the bout and new MA-140 Champion by unanimous decision.

I go back to singing Jason Derulo better than Jason Derulo.

Happy Friday.


Massachusetts State Police tell Fun 107 that they were dispatched to the scene on a report of a man walking down the highway. They say a doctor informed them that the man is "an emotionally disturbed person." State Police say that when they tried to remove the man from the side of the highway, he became combative. and troopers were forced to display (but not deploy) an electronic control weapon. They say at that point, the man submitted and was transported to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation.

It could have gone a lot worse.

On a serious note, this is what good policing looks like. This is why so many in the African American community are upset. This idiot tried to fight the cop and did more than so many others who are no longer with us.

He’s black and he was attacking an officer.

But he's not dead.

Just something to think about.

Thank you to whoever this officer was for protecting and serving and doing it damn well in a tough situation. You and officers like you are heroes.

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