A New York man was arrested this week after knocking his house down. And his wife had no idea it was going to happen.

Can you imagine coming home from work only to find there's no home there? That's exactly what happened to Diane Andryshak on Monday.

According to authorities in Middletown, New York Andryshak's husband of nine years, James Rhein, rented an excavator and knocked the couple's home down on Monday morning...with all of his wife's belongings inside!

rented an excavator and knocked the couple's home down

Andryshak says that there was nothing wrong in the relationship. They weren't fighting or arguing in any major way leading up to the unexpected demolition and she has no idea what happened.

Police tell People magazine that Rhein's explanation was that the home was in such bad shape that he decided it would be easier to demolish it rather than repair it. He also claims he tried to do the responsible thing and get a permit, but the office was closed due to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so he just took matters into his own hands. Police say he never even contacted the utility companies.

All this sounds crazy and dangerous, so it's no wonder Rhein was arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief. He has since been released on bail and claims his wife is already "over it" and that they're "good."

Police say the house was legally Andryshak's and that she is anything but "over it." I don't think I would be "over it" after two days either!

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