After trying the breakfast tortillas from Mirasol’s Café in North Dartmouth, I was pleasantly reminded that no one should ever settle for an average breakfast.

During an IG Live with Richard Romero, owner of Mirasol’s, we took part in a tailgate tasting that resulted in yummy breakfast sandwiches and CHiPPis with a kick.

From the bed of his Volkswagen truck, adorned with pool floaties and a party hat, Richard joined me on a live stream for a little fun. Richard and I are holding on to summertime, so we decided to have a morning fiesta while I tried out his masterful breakfast menu.

While we chatted about his menu, we started the morning with Richard’s take on an espresso martini, which he has dubbed the “CHiPPitni.” From the comfort of my kitchen, I enjoyed his creation of two parts CHiPPi, one part vanilla vodka, and one part Kahlua, shaken over ice and served straight up with a garnish of espresso beans. You think the CHiPPi will get you going? Wait until you add alcohol (responsibly, please). It was like dessert for breakfast!

Richard treated me to four mouth-watering meals, each one better than the last, providing a Latin-American appeal for which Mirasol's has become known. There was the Huevo Ranchero Tortilla, with a freshly fried egg, house-made roasted corn and black bean salsa, guacamole, sour cream and cheese, in a hot-pressed flour tortilla.

Then we moved on to the Veggie Sausage Tortilla, filled with veggie-sausage patties, roasted red peppers, jalapeno crème and shredded cheese in a flour tortilla.

Up next was the Cuban Sunrise Tortilla, with house-roasted Cuban spice-rub pork loin, ham, and shredded cheese in a flour tortilla.

Then to round it all out, we finished with the Gaucho Breakfast Baguette, packed with spice-marinated grilled steak, turkey bacon, Swiss cheese, and a freshly fried egg, hot-pressed in a rustic baguette.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Mirasol’s is so much more than their infamous CHiPPi. The quality of the food will have you throwing your own fiesta after the first bite.

Learn more about Mirasol's menu and their brand new plant-based CHiPPi at

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