One day, I hope to inherit a lot of my mother's jewelry, not just because these pieces are beautiful, but because her jewelry holds memories of her that I want to cherish for a lifetime.

As my wedding day inches closer and closer, that old rhyme sings loudly in my head; "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

With their custom jewelry skills, J&J Diamond Jewelers makes it possible for me to wear items from my grandmother, mother, or future mother-in-law, by adding my own personal style to an aged piece. It will be a timeless nod to the women in my life while keeping my style and overall look truly my own.

I don't want jewelry that was passed down to me just to sit in my jewelry box untouched and unseen. By consulting with J&J, I'll be able to put a modern spin on a family inheritance, giving it a brand new life.

As I've worked with the staff at J&J, I've been impressed with how knowledgeable they are about jewelry, designs and emerging trends. They know how important it is to build relationships with clients and truly want to blow away each client.

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They can help you take existing diamonds and gemstones and mount them into your dream setting; they also can mount new (and maybe larger) diamonds into your existing settings. These custom projects can be the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays or just because.

The experts at J&J Diamond Jewelers would love to help you with your custom project. Schedule a consultation by calling (508) 676-7169 or stopping in their showroom at 167 Borden St., Fall River. You also can find them online at No matter how you connect, be sure to tell them I sent you!