You heard it here first: Greasy Luck in New Bedford is introducing Mac and Cheese Thursdays.

Thursday's $4 burgers are no more, but don't fret, next Thursday Greasy Luck kicks off their brand new gourmet mac and cheese night. With a music hall-themed menu, this restaurant's atmosphere really sets the stage and so does it mac and cheese.

Mac and cheese has been comfort food for a long time, and on June 13 is the launch of 5 new mac and cheese dishes at Greasy Luck.


Check this out:

BBQ Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese- This crowd pleaser encompasses all of your favorite cheat items. From BBQ to pork, right down to the crispy/stringy onion rings that are piled on top of the dish.

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese- Buffalo, parmesan, Alfredo sauce, oh my. These are some of the ingredients you can expect to taste in the Buffalo mac.

Veggie Mac & Cheese-  Designed for the healthier eater. Loaded with tons of greens like, spinach and broccoli. Did I forget to mention cherry tomatoes? You can't not love cherry tomatoes, they're just that cute.

Cheese Burger Mac & Cheese- A.K.A. the "go-to" dish. It has everything you want in a burger but with the pleasing addition of pasta.

Sweet Chili Chicken Mac & Cheese- The perfect combination of sweet heat without burning your taste buds off. As a matter of fact, it's designed more for the taste rather than the spiciness. Full flavor that will fill a full appetite.

You don't want to miss out. Head to Greasy Luck in New Bedford on Thursday, June 13 to enjoy the first official Mac and Cheese Thursday.