In this country, the smallest gestures make the biggest difference.

During the morning hours of Massachusetts State Police Trooper Luke Bonin's shift, something caught his eye while traveling through Fall River on Interstate 195. He saw out of the corner of his eye a pile of rubbish on the side of the road with a distinguishing item wrapped up in it.

An American flag.

Trooper Bonin pulled his vehicle over and carefully crossed the busy highway towards the middle where the Jersey barrier separates west from east. He untangled the flag from the garbage and debris and retreated back to his SUV.

The already-tarnished flag was dirty and tainted, but still deserved a proper fold; which is exactly what Trooper Bonin demonstrated beside his vehicle, bringing life back into a ragged old flag.

Now, he could have seen the flag and went on with his day, but the fact that he took the time to demonstrate such powerful patriotism makes all the difference.

To Trooper Bonin, if you're reading this, I hope you are aware that as simple of an act this may be to you, and perhaps it's "all part of the job," we as Americans who take pride in this beautiful country thank you for your selfless act of patriotism. To some, it was just a piece of trash, but to you it was a symbol of freedom, justice and a representation of who we are as Americans.

Thank you, Trooper Bonin, the world needs more people like you.


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