Saturday morning, it was cold and wet, but nothing was stopping thousands of people from running through inflated obstacles at UMASS Dartmouth.

The Insane Inflatable 5k was finally here! This year promising to be bigger and better! I decided not to run this year because my asthma has been acting up lately making it tough to run,but my husband signed up for this race back in June. I was excited to go cheer him on!

Matt signed up for 9:30am wave and I got on the mic with Michael right before that wave started to shout him out and wish him good luck. Then, he was off and running! This is Matt's 2nd 5k ever, and while that's an accomplishment in and of itself, the even bigger accomplishment is that my husband has recently dropped 130 lbs.

There was a time not too long ago, when Matt wouldn't have been able to run this race, nevermind at top speed. But the past 2 years have been life altering for him and for me too. He's changed his lifestyle, eating habits and both of our lives for the better with his weight loss. I'm so incredibly proud of him!

Just over 30 mins. after the horn sounded, Matt slid down that last slide and boom! He completed the Insane Inflatable 5k, beating his personal record by 10 mins! It's inspiring to watch him change his life the way he has and in turn, change our lives together. The next race, I'm in, I'll be a little slower than's time for me to catch up, but he's an inspiration to me and so many others. Way to go Matt!