My husband and I have expanded our family by adding a puppy to the mix! Meet our new little buddy, Nigel Barker!

Matt surprised me with the pup on my birthday, which was one month ago today actually! He took me to a home in Portsmouth, RI and out came his family holding him with a big blue birthday bow, that was almost bigger than he was. I immediately loved him. He was only four weeks old then, so we couldn't take him home just yet, but I was so excited to meet my new little buddy!

The next few weeks, my husband and I prepared for Nigel by taking a couple trips to the pet store and reading up a bit about puppies on the internet. Believe it or not, I actually grew up with dogs, not cats, so I know some stuff about dogs! Our plan was to pick him up this Thursday, August 20th.

Well, that's what I thought the plan was, my husband had a bit of a different idea. When I came home from work yesterday, Matt walked outside holding Nigel! I was so excited that he had gotten him early, that I reached out to hold him and just started crying! He was so tiny and so sweet, full of love, and licking my face all over!

We brought him inside and I played with him for hours. We had put the cats in a separate room so we could slowly introduce them to the puppy one by one. Our cat Gracie immediately liked him, but the others, not so much, they all hissed at him. Poor Nigel!

We wanted to get him some toys and treats and a few other things, so we took Nigel in the car for the first time, which he didn't seem to mind much and then he walked on his new leash around Petsmart!

Nigel isn't trained yet, so he had a couple of accidents in the house yesterday, but it's ok, he doesn't know any better! After a busy, long day at his new home with his new family, sweet little Nigel fell asleep on the couch around 930pm last night in between Matt and I.

I'm so excited about how much fun and love our little Chiweenie Nigel Barker, is going to bring to our family!

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