Earlier today on the FUN Morning Show I talked about my brother Joe and how today is his birthday.I realized when I started talking about him on the air, that I never have before. I guess it's because we aren't really close unfortunately. We're only 22 months apart, so we're very close in age, but we weren't close as kids growing up and we aren't close now. It's not for a lack of trying either, I've been trying for years.  We're just very different people and that's just how it is. The picture here is of me and him at his birthday dinner last year. It's like pulling teeth to get him to hug and take a photo...as you can tell by his expression.

Anyway, today is his birthday. I always make a big deal of birthdays, that's just how I am. I'd like to make a big deal out of his today too, but we aren't talking right now. We got into an argument this past Christmas at my Mom's house and haven't talked since. He has since apologized to my Mom, but not to me.

So, my problem here is do I call him? Do I just forget it and try to patch things up? Michael and Larry say yes, and so do some of our listeners that have called in. The thing is though, I'm always that person.  I'm always the one to take the 'high road' or 'extend the olive branch' and I just wish that one time, someone else could be that person.  I doubt he's going to do it, and I feel bad that we aren't talking, so I guess it's up to me again.

Also, he forgot my birthday last year! Even though I was so disappointed and hurt that he forgot my birthday, I still don't want to forget him on his. Maybe I'm crazy, or maybe I just care too much.

TSM/ Loren Petisce
TSM/ Loren Petisce





For whatever it's worth, I'm going to contact him today to wish him a Happy Birthday. Whether he accepts my wishes, is up to him, and whether he wishes me the same when my birthday comes around in July, is also up to him. At least I'll feel better knowing that I've done what I can do.