Wedding & reunion season is upon us. Most brides have set their date to fall anywhere from May to September. Whether you're the star of the show, in the bridal party or attending a reunion this summer, you want to look your best.

Brides go to extreme measures to look not only stunning, but their most svelte on their big day. And you should. You spend so much money on the gown, the hair, the makeup and the photographer. This day will be documented for years to come. So you want to look at your album and say "dang, I looked good."

If you are getting married this season or soon and haven't started a fitness routine yet, Dr. Gagliardi at Ageless Body Sculpting can share secrets on shedding those lbs quickly. If you have time to start their diet plan, it's a great way to lose the weight safely and effectively. And for the mother of the bride, Dr. G can help you look younger than ever with wrinkle smoothing fillers. Check out Ageless Body Sculpting's Local Expert page here and find tips to look stunning at any event you'll be attending.