This can't be happening.

I get the fascination and fashion statement of those that wear longer fingernails with all the jewelry but really, ladies? Long, fake toenails now?

Have you been to the beach this summer and seen any women with these? I did! I was at Horseneck a few weeks ago and literally had to stop myself from staring.

I want to say her toenails were at least an inch and a half long. She was wearing wedges and they definitely had some kind of bedazzle on them. Now, I'm not a professional when it comes to this, but wouldn't you be afraid to mess up the pedicure with all the sand and rocks?

Now, I thought that was just a personal preference for her, but now I'm seeing this article in Women's Health Magazine that is saying this is the summer trend.

I've got just one question: why? I mean, how do you wear closed-toed shoes with these?

If you don't believe me on this, just check out the crazy hashtags they are using:

#ToeSpread and #LongToesFetish.

This is a thing. I guess I can't fully understand this since I may only get a pedicure once or twice a year and usually it's just getting the dead skin off the bottom of my feet.

Have you taken part in this fashion trend? Send us your pictures, because I want to see. You can post them under this story on Facebook or submit them to us via the Fun 107 app.

I also want to know, when do you stop getting them done? Once summer is over you can't show them off as much.

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