Soon, gone will be the days of having to dig through your bag or search your phone for your boarding pass at Boston Logan International Airport.

I'm at Logan at least once a week and see hundreds of travelers holding up the TSA security line to search for their boarding passes even though they just had them in their hands moments earlier.

You can't tell me this never happened to you...

Well, at Logan, that's about to change. You won't need to present your boarding pass to the TSA agent to go through security anymore.

Credential Authentication Technology, or CAT for short, will confirm your travel plans and even be able to tell the TSA agent if you're signed up for expedited security screenings via PreCheck. This means all you will need to have out and ready to hand to the security agent is your REAL ID or any other government- or state-issued identification. The technology will do the rest.

So that's one less thing to carry. Let's face it, we've already got our hands full with our carry-ons to avoid having to pay to check bags.

When can we expect this new technology to be working at Logan? Just over 60 airports are in line to have this technology before the end of the year and some already do. Logan is one of them.  If you are heading out on vacation in the next few weeks, you may notice it.

Just be ready. The TSA agent may still ask for your boarding pass. And you will need that pass at the gate for your flight, just as you always did.

Many of you prefer to fly out of Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport and I don't blame you, but that airport isn't on the initial list of airports that have the technology just yet.

The TSA website answers all your questions about this new technology and what you can expect when you get to Logan.

Safe travels.

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