These local businesses are investing in their workforce in a very unique way.

In a time when many business owners are simply focused on their bottom line (especially big business), it's nice to see a local group giving back to the people who help make their business what it is.

The owners of The Gateway Tavern in Wareham, The Stowaway in Mattapoisett, Sail Loft in Dartmouth, Duck Inn Pub in Hyannis and Speedwell Tavern in Plymouth all chose to take their new tax plan savings and give the cash out as bonuses to their employees.

Each full-time employee received a one-time cash bonus of $500, and each qualifying part-time employee received $200. A total of 93 checks were distributed...adding up to over $30,000,

And each of the owners said they were happy to do it, adding that it was their way of thanking their employees for everything they contribute to their organization’s success.


Plus these bonuses can hopefully boost the local economy as well, by giving these folks a little more money to go out and spend across the Southcoast.

And I'm sure each employee was thrilled (if not a little surprised) by the mid-winter bonus cash.

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