Middletown native Rick Hart is about to travel 3,800 miles on his bike to raise money for VA Centers across the nation.

"To think about a homeless veteran, it is just an oxymoron to me," Hart said to abc6. “It doesn’t make sense to me"

Hart wants to bring the problem of homelessness among veterans to the forefront. To do so Hart will be posting videos online about the people he meets along the way. The hope is that the videos will spread awareness and ultimately raise money for the homeless.

"I just want to hear their stories and share them with the world," Hart said. "For these guys to have served our country, this trip will hopefully make a ripple effect. Just dropping a rock in a small pond and seeing how far the ripple will go in our country."

The journey will take about 10 weeks and Hart will be sleeping in a tent throughout the journey, so that he can fully experience what it is like to be homeless.

For more information on how you can help, click here!

Contributor: Mariah Terry


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