Pokemon Go has become a sensation across the nation, including here on the Southcoast.

In fact it's so popular even local law enforcement is getting in on the action.
Fall River Police provided backup as some residents were engaged in the hunt for some elusive Pokemon.
Fall River Police Twitter Feed
The Bristol County Sheriff's Office has also been impacted by the Pokemon Go craze, after recently sendng out a warning to people that their Pokemon hunts must stop when they get close to the Bristol County Jail and House of Correction.
Bristol Co Sheriff's Office Twitter Feed
However, even that stern warning isn't able to prevent all the Pokemon from breaching the perimeter.
Bristol Co. Sheriff's Office Twitter Feed
Officials are also urging players to be cautious when playing the game to ensure they don't trip or fall. 
There are also other concerns about safety after the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that four teens used the game as a way to lure players to a remote location and rob them.