Probably the only downside to receiving a fresh bouquet of flowers is when they begin to wilt a week or so later. Luckily, Homegrown Blooms of Westport developed a way to keep fresh flowers at home all season long.

By joining the Homegrown Blooms Flower Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA), you help to invest in their coming season, and they give you a personal share of the flowers they grow.

“Each week we will create a gorgeous arrangement full of seasonal bounty using flowers, herbs, and foliage we grow or forage from our land. We harvest the freshest flowers from the field, all different colors, and varieties, to give you a different design to brighten up your home or business every week. This fresh and local choice can arrive straight from our flower fields, free of chemicals, directly to you for the spring & summer months—and, it makes great gifts for loved ones!” – Homegrown Blooms

You can click HERE for scheduled pickup dates, but please note that they are flexible if you are unavailable or on vacation for any of these. Just let them know ahead of time so you can reschedule to pick up your beautiful bouquet. Deliveries can be arranged, so don’t hesitate to contact them if this is something you'd be interested in.

Here are some of the flowers that will be available each season:

Homegrown Blooms - Spring CSA

Spring: ranunculus, anemones, heirloom tulips, bleeding hearts, lilacs, sweet peas, poppies, peonies and more.

Homegrown Blooms - Summer CSA

Summer: foxglove, larkspur, zinnias, delphinium, forget-me-nots, heirloom roses, herbs and more.

Homegrown Blooms - Fall CSA

Fall: dahlias, heirloom roses, zinnias, heirloom mums and more.

Basically, if it’s blooming in that season, they'll include it in bouquets. Each seasonal package costs $100 and gives you five weeks of beautiful, fresh arrangements. For $20/bouquet, they're sure to be something special. Just check out their Instagram for some breathtaking pieces.

Sign up now to take advantage of this offer for Mother’s Day, which is Sunday, May 12! Reservations are limited.