There are 351 cities and towns in MA. This kid included each and every one in the video.

Noah Wisch is the senior at Emerson College who filmed himself playing a single note on his ukulele in each town/city of Massachusetts. Combined, the notes become his ode to the state - “Sidewalks.”

“I think there was a desire to see the parts of the state I’d never seen before,” Wisch said in a phone interview about his song. “I make videos and music and I’m really into these big projects that are seemingly impossible, but they just take a lot of work.”

Three months of traveling with his girlfriend, Emmalie Keenan, and hours of editing paid off in this music video, perfectly listing each town in alphabetical order. The couple would spend their weekends visiting 20-30 cities and towns each day. Keenan said it made for a fun road trip and long days.

Wisch said that he had a hard time explaining the project to people. “In hindsight, it makes total sense after you’ve seen the video, but trying to explain why you’re only recording one note and what it was going to sound like was difficult. Now being able to let people watch it is very relieving.”

See if you can pick out a funny detail within the video. (Hint: It’s in Sandwich, MA).

Making A Song In Every Town In Massachusetts / YouTube
Making A Song in Every Town in Massachusetts / YouTube

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