Wasn't it just a few years ago that we turned on Miley Cyrus for twerking with Robin Thicke on the VMAs stage? Well, Lizzo really doesn't care, as you may have witnessed if you watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night.

After hanging with Lizzo last week, I found out she definitely likes the white chocolate, exposing her man-crush on the married Justin Timberlake. She then later confessed she was working on a possible collaboration with JT, who has been working on a new album.

If you happen to listen to the new Missy Elliott album that dropped last week after a13 year-wait, you would have heard Lizzo's voice on one of its tracks as well.

I have a feeling we will be hearing Lizzo on a lot more tracks over the next year or so. I wouldn't put it past her to collaborate with Taylor Swift!

Lizzo has been a mouthpiece for the body positive movement and thinks that right now is an exciting time for music, with a representation of all body types.

I'm sad she didn't win Best New Artist but she has a long career ahead of her for sure.

This song has actually been out now for three years and has over 20 million views. Lizzo is shocked that it is still getting recognized and could possibly be her next single.

If you haven't heard or didn't catch it on the VMAs, then here it is it here it is. Take a listen:

Personally, I think Lizzo can do no wrong right now. She is living her best life and unapologetically at that.

Tell us what you think about "Good as Hell" here, and then tell me via App Chat what you think of Lizzo overall:

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