With all the "first day of school" posts out there, this one most certainly pulls on the heart strings.

While scrolling through Facebook, I came across a video that stood out amongst the masses of those "check out my child" posts.

Two children, brother and sister, both from Westport were captured on video reuniting with each other. Young Myles was exiting the school grounds of Saint Michael's in Fall River, awaiting his Mother, Alyssa. Here's where we cue the cuteness:


From the moment little Rylyn saw her older brother, she immediately ran into his arms. As you can see from the video, all the other kids ran to their parents... well, apparently these two had other plans.

"All of the other kids were running into their parents arms and the second they locked eyes they ran to each other!" -Alyssa, Myle's Mother

The two had spent the entire summer together, so you can imagine that she was missing him after being seperated all day. As the saying goes, nothing is stronger than the love of family, no matter what age you're at.



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