We’re officially only a few days from Christmas and you have no gifts ready, nor do you have any idea what to get the loved ones. I can help!

Believe it or not, the easiest way to know what people want for Christmas (without them even knowing) is simply listening to them throughout the year. It seems as though people like to complain now more than ever, and if you listen to those complaints, you'll find that some solutions to those complaints make the perfect Christmas gift. You just have to listen to the right "indicators" to know when you're about to be presented with a gift-giving hint.

Indicator: Complaining about being sore

Solution: Massage chair

Description: I got this for my dad last year and he absolutely loved it!

Indicator: Complaining about the price of coffee

Solution: Coffee bar/cold brew setup

Description: People always complain about waiting in drive-through lines, and on top of it, the coffee not coming out the way they wanted. So the simple (and cheaper) solution is to always make your own. It’s also nice to not have to get into a freezing car just to get coffee.

Indicator: Talks about the brand new tech they have

Solution: Screen protector (be careful with sizing)

Description: This was an Apple Watch screen protector I got for someone last year. It is simply an example, but if someone brags about tech, there are LOADS of accessories to compliment that device.

Indicator: Complains about cords and wires

Solution: Wireless charger

Description: Going into 2020, having a bunch of cords for all our devices is no longer ideal. I really don’t know anyone who loves wires, and there is no denying this is a more aesthetically pleasing way to charge your phone.

Indicator: Complains about sleep and desk job

Solution: Blue light glasses

Description: Loads of people work in front of TVs and computers all day, and people's eyes are suffering. This is the easiest way to protect your eyes.

Indicator: They're a 9-5 cubicle dwellar

Solution: Wireless keyboard and wireless mouse

Description: I just got one of these for my office; again, wires are annoying, so eliminating them is always a good thing.

Hopefully, these solutions are easy enough for you to either buy one of these gifts directly or at least you understand the “vibe” on how to determine to get people what they want while maintaining the surprise factor this holiday.

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