Two "lions" were recently spotted in Westport. Before you panic, these are not real lions, so there's no need to call animal control.

I was born and raised in the small town of Westport and at the age of 33, I thought I had seen it all. That was, of course, until I took a little detour down Sodom Road today to visit my parents.

Right across the street from Weatherlow Farms, the farm owns a large cornfield that has been growing "cow corn," as I call it, since before I was even born. Well, today as I passed the vast pasture, I was grateful that there was no one behind me because I saw two large figures that resembled something ferocious.

A pair of wooden lion structures stood proud in the empty field as if they were protecting the land from unwanted visitors. I had to get down to the bottom of it.

Across the street, past Weatherlow Farms, a good friend of mine, Emily Whipple, informed me that they did indeed belong to the farm and were nothing more than art that the owner had requested.

"The lions were inspired by an outdoor art installation on Nantucket from the early 2000s," owner Ryan Wagner told Fun 107. "The lions represent a playful take on the intersection between art and open space and are currently on display in the pastures at Weatherlow Farms, a 200-acre livestock and specialty flower farm right here in Westport."

Weatherlow Farms was purchased in 2014 and has been an important staple within Westport's agriculture community. Passersby can also shop at the farm store (currently curbside pickup only) to purchase many specialty offerings unique to the farm. Beautiful seasonal flower subscriptions, as well as custom bouquets, are available, perfect for Valentine's Day.

Finally, scratch-made prepared meals such as soups, sauces, savory pies, and baked goods are all made with the proteins and eggs raised on the farm and incorporate their own edible flowers and herbs wherever possible.

So the next time you are passing through Westport and notice a couple of lions just chilling nonchalantly in the middle of a cornfield, know that it symbolizes the way of Westport and its vast and bountiful farming community.

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