You probably have witnessed some of the lines as Disney's Magic Kingdom, or at the very least, heard about it.

Disney's "Frozen" is so huge, that even a line of this magnitude has never before been seen at Disney.

This past week, while I was there, if you wanted to meet "Anna and Elsa" you had to WAIT, and i mean WAIT. Check out the picture below that I took and try to think to yourself. Are you or your child such a big "Frozen" fan, that this line is acceptable for you? While Abby and i stood there for a minute, I witnessed a pair of parents and their young child. They took one look at the sign and said "Ok, I guess we go in and wait", and off the went into the line. I hope the 45 seconds with Anna and Elsa wer worth it!!

Scot ReinicheTSM