It's an event that reminds me of a scene out of Tangled and it is sure to be memorable for many families this summer.

Imagine sitting in a sea of floating lights.

Okay, it may not exactly be like that, but The Lights Fest that is coming to Boston this June does seem pretty magical.

The Lights Tour Facebook

On June 6, Topsfield Fairgrounds in Topsfield, Massachusetts will be filled with families and friends gathering to light up lanterns and release them into the night sky.

But before the lanterns, you get to enjoy live music and tasty foods.

It's like one part festival, one part light show. And you get to help make the light show happen.

Plus the planners say the event is all about the positive impact. They want to leave everyone who attends with a happy glow on the inside too.

Love that.

The Lights Tour Facebook

My daughter is a huge fan of the movie Tangled, so I can only imagine the look on her little face at an event like this one.

Unfortunately, tickets are not on sale just yet and the event website didn't mention when you'd be able to start getting them.

I guess we just have to check back in from time to time in hopes that we can finally reserve our spot for this epic lantern release party this June.

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