Never in my life had I heard about it until last St. Patrick's Day. Catching leprechauns? Sure, St. Patrick's Day was a fun day when we were kids. It was a day to wear green, to drink green milk and eat corned beef and cabbage. But there was no bunny, no costumes, and no one bringing as far as holidays ranked somewhere between Valentine's Day and the Fourth of July. That seems to be changing.

I'm not sure when or where this tradition began, but parents are reporting their kids are making leprechaun traps in the hopes of catching one. Some of them have names, like Lucky or Larry the Leprechaun. Sometimes the leprechaun wreaks havoc in the tipping over chairs or using shaving cream to leave a fun message. But the leprechauns all seem to have one thing in common. They leave chocolates or gold coins behind for the kids.

If you're like me...this new and developing tradition caught you by surprise.  St. Patrick's Day seems to be in the midst of a transformation. Parents take notice!