Movie stars may be swinging through the SouthCoast, but so are the sports stars apparently.

Legendary New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was seen in Fall River today picking up a little something to eat at the beloved Marzilli's Bakery on Bedford Street.

No word on what brought one of the greatest coaches in the game to Fall River today, but we're pretty sure we know what made him choose Marzilli's for his lunch run.

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The bakery has been a staple in the Spindle City for over 100 years, serving subs and baked goods locals rave about.

Now Bill Belichick can start raving about them too.

Marzilli's employees tell us there was mixed reaction at the shop when Belichick came in. Some had no idea who he was until he left, while one employee knew exactly who he was serving and chatted up the coach for several minutes.

Belichick didn't stay to chow down however, we were told he took his order to go.

Clearly he had places to go and people to see.

Nice to know that even off the field, the coach sticks to what he knows and rocks his signature hoodie.

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