Despite losing their home and their business this past July, the owners of the Lebanese Kitchen in New Bedford say the restaurant will reopen in the New Year.

The Lebanese Kitchen had been open at 1487 Purchase St since 1983 and was definitely a favorite place for many to get traditional Lebanese food. But on July 11, 2014 the building was in flames and the restaurant has been closed ever since. But fans of their food may be happy to hear the family plans to reopen as soon as they can.

As Nouhad Moujabber told The Standard Times, "we want to come back." She said she didn't "want to promise a date" but that the family hoped to reopen sometime in 2015. Adding "I don't want to forget my recipes."

Sources say the family plans to make a more detailed announcement of their reopening plans on Monday, so stay tuned for more details as soon as we get them.