Only Miley Cyrus could pull off so much controversy over one small body part of her's, yes ladies and gentlemen I'm talking about her tongue which has now caused the start of a lawsuit.

The "Bangerz" tour has multiple props including a mega sized prop of Miley Cyrus's face winking with her tongue sticking out and turning into a slide (you can see the prop in the picture below) but who would have thought someone could have actually gotten injured while making this enormous prop.

Charles Nicholas Sarris, an employee of ShowFx Inc. is suing the company for having endured an injury while in the process of creating this prop, so let it be known now Charles is suing the ShowFx company NOT Miley Cyrus. Charles is claiming that the tools and equipment given to help him build this Miley mega face prop did not work causing him to fall and eventually suffer a bad injury. SoundFx supposively did not warn Charles of the possible dangers that may have come while building this prop so he is suing for unspecified damages.

Miley Cyrus Tongue Slide Lawsuitgetty images

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