Krispy Kreme could try to make another go at expanding into New England, but should they bother?

It was nearly 20 years ago that the Krispy Kreme donut chain tried to make a name for itself in New England and failed miserably.

Though its amazingly delicious glazed donuts are loved worldwide, folks from Massachusetts to Maine seemed completely uninterested. The donut chain opened several stores in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine, only to have all of them close within a few years. They had plans for stores in New Hampshire too, but those never even actually opened.

So what in the world makes Krispy Kreme think they will be successful now?

Though the company has yet to confirm plans to open locations across New England for a third time, there were talks about the possibility, according to the Boston Business Journal. It makes me wonder: why bother?

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Sure, the Krispy Kreme inside Mohegan Sun is still alive and kicking, but that is really all about the tourists if you ask me.

A standalone Krispy Kreme still doesn't sound viable in New England to me.

For local donut eaters it isn't really all about the donut. It's coffee and a donut typically, and Krispy Kreme coffee is never going to rival Dunkin' here in Massachusetts.

We are diehard Dunkin' drinkers around here and proud of it. Look how long it took Starbucks to get a foothold in New England, and they are still massively outnumbered by Dunkin'.

So will there be a new Krispy Kreme coming to Boston? Signs point to yes. But should there be a new Krispy Kreme in Boston? Probably not.

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