I received an email this morning from the school nurse at my son's high school that gave a pretty clear-cut explanation if parents are on the fence about sending their child to school if they aren't feeling well.

To me, the tone of the email sounded like there are lots of kids showing up at school sick this winter that should be staying home.

The nurse wrote, "It is often difficult to decide if your child should stay home from school due to an illness. Please read through the attached return to school protocol and please keep your child home if they are sick."

I can't say that I've ever been in a position where I've had to send my kids to school not feeling well. My husband and I have a pretty good balance of taking turns when we have to call out of our jobs to keep the kids home over the years. I know that might not be the case for a lot of people, but honestly, the worst thing you can do is send them into school sick. But if you really don't want them to miss a day, be cautious.

I feel like these are really good guidelines to refer to when deciding whether or not your child is "sick enough" that they should stay home.

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