Knitters are being asked to create an extra piece or two this season to help out those in need.

The bitter cold has set in across the SouthCoast and already shelters are filled to capacity. So now knitters are stepping up to help keep those in need stay warm.

ABC6 reported earlier this week about a group of Rhode Island knitters that have been making hats, scarves and other outerwear and then leaving them on fences around Providence for those that may need them.

This practice has actually been going on for years, but having just heard about it myself I gotta say I love it.

I love knitting things, but can really only make so many hats for myself and my kids.

What better way to give back around the holidays than with something I truly enjoy doing? And when it's cold and I'm binge-watching at night, I can easily crank out a hat or two a week.

Though I would personally rather donate them to a specific shelter or cause to hand out to those that need them. Relying on a random fence drop to get my handy work to someone who really could use it to survive the cold New England winter, doesn't seem that reliable.

Donating directly to homeless shelters and women's shelters would be my choice, though I'm sure even dropping off items in a clothing donation bin would get cold weather items in the hands of those that could use them.

So if you too are doing a little extra knitting this winter. Think about donating some of your handmade items to those that would truly appreciate the warmth.

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