There are many people around the world that have pets that they love dearly.  I'm one of them, obviously!  Something that I think many pet owners share in common, is the desire to show off their pets, as well!

If you're sitting there wondering, "Hey where can I show off my adorable pet photos and see other people's pets too??"  Well, you're in luck, thanks to Klooff is an online community set up to let people share all of their adorable pet pics.  I found out about the site from Good Housekeeping and let me tell you, I'm loving it!

Klooff recently started looking at the ways that we view our pets, around the world.  After a basic study, they discovered that here in the U.S. our top trending dog is the French Bulldog.  They also found that puppy photos are favored over snaps of adult dogs. And maybe most importantly (to me anyway!), they learned that the #catselfie is the internet pet trend of the year!

To take a look at all of their findings, see the top ranked pets in the world and share great snaps of your little buddies click here.