Why? I have nothing to say about this except... why?

I've heard of some pretty strange drinks before, but gravy cocktails? That one feels like it's going a bit too far. That's just way too much for me. It's not just because I don't like gravy to begin with (save your judgements for yourself), it just sounds unappealing in every single way possible.

If it's just a marketing ploy to try and grab some interest, I'm still confused. Hearing that gravy cocktails is a thing makes me want to head in the exact opposite direction of your restaurant. To put it bluntly, that sounds absolutely NASTY. Check out the video for KFC's new horrible cocktails below. Oh, and just in case the mood strikes you to make one of these nasty things, there's another video to show you how to make one too.

Yea, there it is. The nastiest think you'll see today. Now, if you're feeling a little crazy on a Friday night here's a way to make your own "Gravy Mary."

There you have it! Enjoy! Don't mind me though if I choose not to join you. It's nothing against you, but everything against the gravy.

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