We got a visit this morning from Rochelle Allen, a Registered Nurse and Regional Vice President of Business Development for AccentCare. She works with patients, physicians, hospitals, and senior living communities every day.

If there was one takeaway from this morning's visit with Allen, it was about the importance of keeping up with your regular healthcare checks. Allen urged the audience to continue to use COVID-19 precautions, but to make sure these important screenings are still taking place.

"We are out making sure that people know that it's really important to get your mammograms, especially during this time of COVID. We're here to assure them and make sure they are not fearful," Allen said.

She told us that due to the pandemic, breast cancer is often going undetected because doctors, treating physical conditions, may overlook it and since they have less contact in today’s environment, loved ones may not observe it.

"I know we’re in a pandemic but most diagnostic centers are well prepared to ensure safety," she said.

Breast cancer is very relevant to AccentCare and to home health and hospice care in general.

"We obviously service people at home that have had breast cancer or are currently getting treatment and dealing with side effects," Allen said.

In addition to being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October is also Physical Therapy Month. AccentCare is heavily involved with physical therapy because it is a big part of their patient's recovery plans. AccentCare is celebrating Physical Therapy Month with awards based on their therapists' results, patient outcomes and meeting the goals of patient care plans. One of AccentCare's physical therapists in Fall River was just recognized by AccentCare with a Therapist of the Year award.

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