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    Utilize Your Laptop

    As long as you remember to charge your laptop to 100%, you can use it as a charge with the USB port.

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    Low Power Mode

    Keep the battery from draining quickly
    iPhone: Settings - Battery - Turn on “Low Power Mode’
    Android: “swipe down from the top menu and find the "Power Saving" icon.

    Low Power Mode / iPhone
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    Get in the Car

    If you have a newer model, you may have a built-in USB port. If not, you can use your lighter plug with a car charger.

    Car Charger
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    External Charger

    External chargers are cheap enough at drug stores, or you can buy them on Amazon. Good to keep an extra handy, just in case.

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    If you still have power, but don’t want to charge your phone using a wall socket, try the USB port on your TV if you have one.

    Smart TV